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Arrives in April - preorder today

The First Single surface Hybride kite

This kite combines the best of both worlds, the lite wind cababilities of a single surface kite and the relaunch and stability of a closed cell. The Marabou 2 is the world’s very first hybrid kite that works on land, snow and water. Lightweight and compact, your travel kite companion makes it easy to get ready for your session right away. You can feel its stability and reliability while riding, even when the gust comes.

The Marabou 2 performs exceptionally well in light winds and offers astonishing stability. Its depower and manoeuvrability will make your session easy. In addition, if your kite falls in the water, you will be able to relaunch it. The zip on the inside of the leading edge allows you to deflate the canopy faster and offers the possibility to leave the zip open when snow kiting, in order to deflate it faster in case of emergency.

Marabou 2

PriceFrom C$1,758.00
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