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Living intense moments is what makes life so beautiful and unforgettable. 

Since I was little, I have created these moments through unusual activities that I practice at every opportunity. Mountain biking, downhill skiing, hang gliding, then kitesurfing. These sports are at the center of my most indelible memories. Today, it's kitesurfing and snowkiting around which I shape my daily adventures and my projects. Motivated by this feeling of adventure and sharing, I pushed my training to be able to create my school of Kiteboarding in 2020. This one now allows me, in collaboration with the Quebec federation of kite and IKO,  to be able to train the next generation of kiteboarders from the highest standards.  I invite you with joy, to come and discover all that this sport has of incredible and the potential that it has to transport you in a remarkable way in the heart of water and snow in our beautiful country.

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Kiteready is a kitesurfing and snowkiting school for beginners that offers you a personalized service focused on safety and techniques to become an independent and confident kitesurfer. Passionate and committed to helping you discover this extraordinary sport, you will be challenged to exceed your limits, while learning the importance of respecting others. This school applies particularly to people who feel a need for increased supervision, in order to progress at their own pace. Your instructor has the IKO instructor level 1 certification, which guarantees the quality of your training.


You will discover all the steps up to your first water starts, but having first mastered the techniques related to your safety including the SAE, the wind window,  body drag, self rescue, autonomous landing and many more. You will get your complete course plan  and will have a clear idea of your progress by doing its simple follow-up so you don't miss a thing.


-Involved and certified by our federation the FQK, 

This small school operates mainly on Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes near Montreal.


Despite the challenges involved, this sport is accessible to anyone who is serious about their approach and puts in the effort to achieve, one by one, the objectives in a positive atmosphere! This is my goal: to accompany you towards that moment when, with a smile on your face and spinning free towards the horizon on the snow or on the water, you will be able to shout with joy:

-I'm a kitesurfer!



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